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4 Easy Steps to Earning

Sign Up!
It's Free and Easy: Once you fill in the Affiliate form, we will review it, then get the process going for you.

Once you are set up, you recieve your UNIQUE SHOPPING CODE
When you or your clients shop with this code, it tracks your all transactions and commissions.

Get Paid
Earn 10% for a minimum of 100 invitations sold monthly via check or paypal on all qualifying sales made through your store.
Our average purchase per 100 invitations is about $950


  • 10% commission is earned for every qualifying sales of a 100 invitations or more for every qualifying sale.
  • Purchases that are less than a 100 invitations is not regarded as a qualifying sale.
  • Commissions are paid when affiliates reach a maximum of a $100 commission balance.
  • Any commission balances under $100 will carry over to the next month until the $100 minimum has been reached.
  • Commission are processed at the end of each month and paid by check or paypal.
  • Checks will be made payable to the "name" you provided in your affiliate account. All funds are paid in CAD dollars.

Track your Success
Our unique tracking code allows for transparency in reporting, you can login in at any time to track your success!

Read Our Affiliate Terms and Conditions for more information